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Residential & Commercial Block Maintenance.

At OneBlock, we are revolutionising property maintenance with our innovative monthly subscription-based solution tailored for block managers. Backed by our parent company, Trio The Difference, OneBlock gains a distinct advantage by tapping into a vast infrastructure of services, advanced payment solutions, and efficient administrative departments. This synergy empowers us to seamlessly manage a diverse range of London’s residential and commercial blocks, regardless of their size. Our commitment is to provide block managers with the tools they need for smooth and efficient property maintenance management, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional living and working experiences to residents and tenants. Experience the future of property maintenance with OneBlock.

Our subscription-based model offers flexible solutions that align with the unique needs of different block managers.

With the support of Trio The Difference, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, ensuring top-tier property management.

From administrative support to advanced payment solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that streamline every aspect of block management.

Our proficiency spans both residential and commercial properties, making us a versatile choice for various property types.

We are dedicated to optimising property management processes, enhancing resident experiences, and maximising property value.

OneBlock leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance communication, maintenance, and overall management efficiency.


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